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Hole 1 – The Gap

[one-half-first]1 - fairway[/one-half-first] [one-half last=”true”]

  • 463 Yards
  • 457 Yards
  • 378 Yards
  • PAR 5

[/one-half]Uphill opening hole, rising steeply over the last third into a narrowing bottleneck with severe trouble both right and left. The elevated green banked on the left requires a carefully judged approach shot. [/tab] [tab]

Hole 2 – Cotton’s Way

[one-half-first]2 - above[/one-half-first] [one-half last=”true”]

  • 322 Yards
  • 314 Yards
  • 265 Yards
  • PAR 4

[/one-half]Named after Henry Cotton who partially redesigned the course which altered the layout in 1968. The hole doglegs slightly to the right, with a burn bordering the fairway on the left, and bunkers short and greenside right.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 3 – Burn Even

[one-half-first]hole3[/one-half-first] [one-half last=”true”]

  • 366 Yards
  • 360 Yards
  • 344 Yards
  • PAR 4

[/one-half]A difficult par 4 played on rising ground.The hole doglegs slightly right, with bunkers bordering the fairway on the left and also short left of the green. Heather and moorland await those who miss the fairway on the right.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 4 – Canny Noo

[one-half-first]5 - aerial[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 141 Yards
  • 135 Yards
  • 128 Yards
  • PAR 3

[/one-half]A straightforward short hole with the green banked and graded to receive the tee shot. There are bunkers front left and right.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 5 – The Crags

[one-half-first]5 - flag[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 332 Yards
  • 328 Yards
  • 322 Yards
  • PAR 4

[/one-half]A slight dogleg left with the second shot played to a sunken green. There are bunkers short right and greenside with the ground falling away sharply to the right and also at the back of the green. The green undulates from left to right.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 6 – Moorfoot

[one-half-first]6 - green aerial[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 362 Yards
  • 355 Yards
  • 338 Yards
  • PAR 4

[/one-half]This hole, played in the opposite direction to the last, and along the foot of the moor, has out of bounds on the right with a burn very close to the boundary. A further burn some 12 yards inside the last, borders the right hand side of the fairway and forms an ‘island’ between the two. A bunker mid left and a further one short left of the green protect the left safe line. The green is steeply banked on the front and right with a bunker at the back.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 7 – Millstones

[one-half-first]7 - green[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 187 Yards
  • 160 Yards
  • 155 Yards
  • PAR 3

[/one-half]A longish short hole played from an elevated medal tee, with severe trouble to the right and rough to the left. A bunker guards the front right of the undulating green. Played from the forward tee, the hole is played uphill to a ‘skyline’ green.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 8 – Tower Hill

[one-half-first]8 - approach[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 498 Yards
  • 484 Yards
  • •464 Yards
  • PAR 5

[/one-half]This long hole, which doglegs left from a high to a lower fairway requires accuracy from tee to green. There is severe trouble to the right and left, while the green is guarded by a burn to the left and bunkers both left and right.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 9 – Mile Burn

[one-half-first]9 - tee view[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 447 Yards
  • 434 Yards
  • 326 Yards
  • PAR 4

[/one-half]Played from an elevated tee, with panoramic views of the river Clyde, Loch Long and the Argyll hills. There is an out of bounds down the right while the second shot is played downhill to a green graded to receive the shot and which is steeply banked to the right and back[/tab] [tab]

Hole 10 – Gully

[one-half-first]10 - aerial[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 280 Yards
  • 274 Yards
  • 263 Yards
  • PAR 4

[/one-half]A short uphill par 4 with a drive over a gully and rocky, heather and whin covered mound. The green is elevated with a bank to the front and a bunker on the right.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 11 – Westward Ho!

[one-half-first]11 - aerial[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 501 Yards
  • 495 Yards
  • 442 Yards
  • PAR 5

[/one-half]The longest hole on the course doglegs slightly left. The tee shot should be held just left of the marker pole owing to the left to right slope of the fairway, which is tree lined on both sides. A second shot to or over the second marker post brings the open green, which is banked to the right and back, into view.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 12 – Farm

[one-half-first]12 - green aeiral[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 458 Yards
  • 453 Yards
  • 382 Yards
  • PAR 4

[/one-half]A straightforward but long par 4 with a cross burn 150 yards from the tee. The fairway is tree lined on both sides and the second half of the hole is played downhill to a green banked to the left and back.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 13 – Levan

[one-half-first]13 - green[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 476 Yards
  • 450 Yards
  • 448 Yards
  • PAR 5

[/one-half]Played in the opposite direction to the last hole with the fairway again tree lined on both sides. An out of bounds runs from tee to green on the right and there is a cross burn 150 yards from the green. There are bunkers right and left of the green, which is banked to the right and back.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 14 – Double Top

[one-half-first]14 - green[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 328 Yards
  • 316 Yards
  • 309 Yards
  • PAR 4

[/one-half]A straightforward but slightly uphill par 4 with trees and out of bounds on the right. The second shot is played to an elevated two-tier green which has bunkers front right and back left.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 15 – Cobbler

[one-half-first]12 - aerial[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 357 Yards
  • 354 Yards
  • 270 Yards
  • PAR 4

[/one-half]The hole doglegs right with trees to the right and a burn to the left of the fairway. The second shot is played to an elevated green steeply banked to the left and back.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 16 – Birches

[one-half-first]16 - green[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 316 Yards
  • 311 Yards
  • 245 Yards
  • PAR 4

[/one-half]Another dogleg right to an elevated green, where the tee shot requires to be held on the right to left sloping fairway to prevent running into the trees lining the left fairway. The green is banked on the left and back.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 17 – Punch Bowl

[one-half-first]17 - green from bunker[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 160 Yards
  • 145 Yards
  • 136 Yards
  • PAR 3

[/one-half]The only par 3 on the second nine is played from an elevated tee to a punchbowl green with a bunker on the terrace to the right, and one on the left guarding the sharp fall away of the ground.[/tab] [tab]

Hole 18 – Well O’ Weary

[one-half-first]18 - tee[/one-half-first][one-half last=”true”]

  • 414 Yards
  • 387 Yards
  • 369 Yards
  • PAR 4

[/one-half]Enjoy another magnificent panoramic view from the elevated tee before driving to the fairway below, which doglegs left around a tree plantation. There are three bunkers bordering the left fairway at the dogleg. The green, which is graded to receive the second shot, has bunkers left and right and at the banked back.[/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]